And the Beat Goes On

For the last 20 months we as a nation have been mesmerized by the circus that is our presidential election. Work places became debate centers, Facebook friends were lost, real friendships teetered on extinction and houses were divided. Yet here we are now, a few weeks after the inauguration and a few protests around the world later, and the U.S. is still in one piece. The beauty of our country is not that we are perfect or get everything correct. The beauty is in how we handle the adversity. Our ability to take different beliefs and outlooks on things, vehemently argue and debate the merits of those beliefs, and at the end of the day still find a way to stay together as a nation is priceless. That is what makes us who we are, The Unites States of America!

The Not so Festive 2016 Holiday Season

With the end of this contentious election cycle and the approaching holidays you would think that our country would be settling down into a fun, festive atmosphere. Unfortunately all one has to do is pick up a paper or watch the evening news to see this is not the case. Every night since the election we have seen multiple demonstrations some of which have turned violent. Although many of the events have been peaceful you never know when things are going to take a turn for the worse. If you are going to be out in public, pay attention to what is going on around you. Always know where your closest exits are and don’t be afraid to tell report suspicious activity. Ultimately your safety and the safety of your family is up to you. Always be prepared!

The Holiday Season is Upon Us, Are you Ready?

Friday night was a great night, the weather was cool, there were no mosquitos to bother me, and the sunset was beautiful. The sunset was also earlier than it was a month ago. The early sunset got me to thinking about the holiday season that was coming up and the crime that comes with it. According to the FBI violent crime rates increased in 2015 from the previous two years, a fact that should make everybody be more aware of there surroundings. As we come into this holiday season and we spend more time outside in dark parking lots please be cautious, pay more attention to what is going on around you, and listen to your gut. If something doesn’t look or feel right, go and get help. Nothing can ruin your holiday’s more quickly than being the victim of a violent crime.

Communication Is Key

The other night while watching the riots in the business district of Charlotte NC I began to wonder about what would happen the next day. Were the employers going to have work as usual, or would they have to delay their people so they could assess any damage first. How would the employees be notified? More importantly, if this had started earlier in the day what type of communication protocol did they have in place to get information to their employees? When putting together your different emergency plans don’t forget to spend some time on planning how you will communicate with your employees. Everything starts with communication!

Active Shooter: How Unprepared are You!

As I was watching the news the other day I was once again confronted with an active shooter story. According to the article below Active Shooter training is a top priority for most businesses yet they don’t get the training done. Have you set up your training yet?

Its Never Too Late To Learn From An Elementary School

My wife is an elementary school teacher and I am constantly amazed at how much I learn from her on a regular basis. One area that schools are making great strides is preparing their staffs for emergencies of all kinds. They have codes for everything from injuries to active shooters and drills for everything from fires to tornados. Her school, like most in the district has one entrance point where the visitor is buzzed in and must check in at the desk before moving on to their meeting place. What makes this so effective is that everyone in the building is on the same page. They all know what to do and where to go at all times, and the drilling is constant.

How ready is your staff for an emergency? Do they know where to go or how to react if something happens? How does your office handle the flow of visitors? When it comes to security these are just some of the important questions your company should be asking itself. Maybe it’s time you look to the schools to get a lesson on being prepared.

Workplace Violence can’t be Ignored

Another company, another incidence of workplace violence. Although it is impossible to predict if/when workplace violence will occur, it is possible to start paying more attention to warning signs and most importantly to have an emergency plan. This article from earlier in the year is a great example. Do you have a plan in place for your employees?